Lowe 750 Hex Auger with 24″ Bit

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Brand New Lowe Manufacturing 750 Classic Series Hex (2″) Auger Drive + 24″ Hex Bit (44″ long from end to end) – Universal Skid Steer Mount

The model 750-Classic is one of Lowe’s most popular model auger drives sold. They are recommended for mini-loaders, small to mid-size skid and track loaders, small to mid-size compact excavators, small wheel loaders, and compact utility tractors (must be equipped with universal mount). The 750 Classic series feature Lowe’s ultra-reliable hydraulic motor, solid unit structures, heat-treated alloy shafts, and an even heavier duty reduction drive. Balanced alignment means it is easier to drill a vertical hole. The protected hose routing minimizes component damage. Requirements include:

  • Suggested hydraulic flow requirements: 8-20 GPM (31-76 Lpm)
  • Maximum PSI: 3,300
  • Recommended maximum auger bit: 24-inch (610mm)
  • Weight – 312 lbs. 
  • Weight with Auger Bit – 515 lbs. 

****Lowe Auger Drive units come with a TWO YEAR manufacturer’s warranty****

Proudly Built in the USA by American Craftsmen

100% American Made Components

Lowe Manufacturing since 1971

We are an authorized Lowe Dealer

This is a 2″ Hex Auger Drive. This machine is BRAND NEW and is ready to work upon receipt.

Other available options/packages for this configuration are as follows:

  •          750 Classic Auger Drive with NO Bit (Round or Hex): $1,395.00
  •      750 Classic Auger Drive with 6” Bit (Round or Hex): $1,679.00
  •          750 Classic Auger Drive with 9” Bit (Round or Hex): $1,779.00
  •          750 Classic Auger Drive with 12” Bit (Round or Hex): $1,839.00
  •          750 Classic Auger Drive with 15” Bit (Round or Hex): $1,899.00
  •          750 Classic Auger Drive with 18” Bit (Round or Hex): $1,949.00
  •          750 Classic Auger Drive with 20” Bit (Round or Hex): $2,009.00
  •          750 Classic Auger Drive with 24” Bit (Round or Hex): $2,069.00



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