Shaver HD-8 Post Driver Pounder

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This is a brand new Shaver brand HD-8 Post Driver Attachment for the rear of a tractor for sale. This unit comes with 3 point hitch kit assembly with stabilizer legs, hoses and spring loaded post holder/safety arm. This unit does not come with any hydraulic couplers.

Weight – 550 Pounds
Hitch Compatibility – Category 1 3 Point Hitches
Minimum Hydraulic Requirement – 3 GPM
Maximum Post Diameter – 7-1/8″
Maximum Post Length – 10′
Impact at Full Stroke – 30,000 Pounds
Impact at Half Stroke – 15,000 Pounds
Effective Weight of Spring Powered Hammer – 360 Pounds
Tilt Adjustment (Front/Back) – 15 Degrees
Tilt Adjustment (Left/Right) – 15 Degrees


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Weight 550 lbs


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