Shaver SC-50 PTO Driven Stump Grinder

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The Shaver SC-50 comes with hoses and depth gauge which allows the operator to measure the depth in inches of each pass while cutting the stump. The unit utilizes an oversized shaft and heavy-duty roller bearing in an oil bath. Cylinder and cutting controls are hydraulically controlled from the tractor seat and Cat. I and II 3-Point arch support gives added stability during operation. A slip clutch located under the shield protects shear bolts and shafts from abnormally severe shock loads.
Recommended Tractor Horsepower – 45 TO 100 HP
Gearbox Rating is to 100HP
Hitch is Rated for both Cat 1 & 2, 3-Point Hitches
Cutting Wheel is ¾” Thick X 34″ Diameter with 25 Bolt on Carbide Teeth
Cutting Wheel Speed is 895 RPM
Cutting Depth Below Ground is 12″
Max Cutting Diameter is 45″
Swing Arc is 55 degrees
Weight is 1181 lb’s
Couplers are not included
Made in the USA!!!


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Weight 1181 lbs