Heavy Duty Tree and Fence Post Puller Extractor Attachment Fits Skid Steer Quick Attach

This is a brand new heavy duty tree and post puller attachment for a skid steer loader or a tractor loader. This is a great tool or attachment for uprooting small trees and shrubs. It features serrated teeth that allow the attachment to bite into what you are pulling out of the ground. This is also a great attachment for removing or pulling posts out of the ground.
Year – 2020
Brand – Pro Works
Weight – 350 Pounds
Greaseable Main Pivot Point
Can accommodate up to an 8″ post or tree
Cylinder – 2″ Bore x 10″ Stroke
Comes complete with hoses and 1/2″ Flat Face Couplers
Powder Coated Black Paint
Made in the USA

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Weight 350 lbs