72″ Virnig Manual Angle Power Rake Attachment Fits Skid Steer


This is a new Virnig 72″ wide power rake for sale. This is the manual angle model that can be converted to a hydraulic angle model. The power rake is an amazing tool for grading, raking, and removing debris. This attachment features an Eaton brand direct drive motor with built in relief valve protection. It also features a floating mounting bracket to keep the rake level for a smooth even finish.

Weight – 1,335 Pounds
Raking Width – 72″ Wide
Raking Width at Full Angle – 65.3″
Overall Width – 84″ Wide
Overall Depth – 68.5″ Deep
Overall Height – 27.5″ Tall
Drum Diameter – 8.5″
Number of Carbide Teeth – 109
Float Link Angle – 27 Degrees
Rake Angle – 25 +/- Angle
Recommended Flow Rate – 15 to 25 GPM
Recommended Loader Capacity – Greater than 1,500 Pounds
Eaton Motor
Hydraulic Hoses and 1/2″ Flat Face Couplers Included
Powder Coated Black Paint

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Weight 1335 lbs