66″ Dual Cylinder Root Bucket Grapple Attachment Fits Skid Steer Quick Attach


This is a brand new 66″ wide dual cylinder grapple designed to fit machines (skid steer’s and tractor loaders) with the skid steer quick attachment mounting system. The root grapple is great for moving brush, logs, and many other types of debris. With the wider tine spacing, it allows for dirt to fall through while allowing you to grab the bigger debris. It is a fantastic tool for clearing land, storm cleanup and all types of jobs. The dual grapple design allows for uneven and odd shaped debris or material.
Made In The United Sates!
Width – 66″
Weight – 550 Pounds
2″ x 8″ Tie Rod Cylinders
27″ Opening from Tip of Tong to Tip of Bottom Tine
Steel Covers over Hydraulic Cylinders
3/8″ Thick Sides, Middles, and Tongs
3″ x 3″ Square Tubing on Main Frame
Teeth are Serrated for Extra Bite
Hydraulic Lines are rated for 3,000 PSI
Comes with Hydraulic Hoses and 1/2″ Standard Flat Face Couplers
Powder Coated Orange Paint
Universal Skid Steer Quick Tach Mount Plate
Please Note: This attachment is designed for tractors with less than 45 horsepower. We recommend our heavier models for larger machines and/or commercial applications.

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