72″ Heavy Duty Dual Cylinder Root Bucket Grapple Attachment Fits Euro Global Quicke Loader


This is an 72″ wide dual cylinder root grapple bucket for a tractor loader with the euro, global, or quicke mounting system. This grapple is a very heavy duty design and is perfect for clearing brush, logs, and general debris. The tooth design on this grapple are also designed to be able to dig up roots and rake the surface of the ground.

Weight – 900 Pounds
Width – 72″
Steel – A36
Grapple Depth – 34″
Tine Spacing – 8.5″
Square Tubing – 4″ (1/4″ Thick Wall)
Length of Teeth – 10″
Middle Metal Thickness – 1/2″
Thickness of Tongs – 1/2″
Cylinder Dimensions: 2″ Bore x 10″ Stroke
Cylinder PSI – 3000 PSI
Covers Over Cylinders For Protection
Couplers – 90 Degree AG/Pioneer Couplers
Designed to fit Global, Euro, or Quicke mounting systems.

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