60″ Root Rake Clam Grapple Attachment and 48″ Long Walk Through Pallet Forks Attachment Combo Fits Skid Steer Quick Attach – Black

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This listing is for a combination package featuring a 60″ PROWORKS root rake clam grapple and a 48″ long set of PROWORKS pallet forks. This is a brand new 60″ wide root rake grapple attachment for sale. This particular model is built to be heavy duty but at a lighter weight to run on skid steers and farm tractors with less than 50 HP. This grapple opens up 40″ wide and has very long tines for digging and ripping roots up out of the soil. This is a set of PROWORKS brand Heavy Duty pallet forks for a skid steer loader or tractor with a universal quick attach. These pallet forks are made in the USA. Owning a set of pallet forks for your skid steer is extremely helpful and convenient.

Clam Grapple Specifications:
Width – 60″ Wide
Weight – 500 Pounds
2″ x 8″ Tie Rod Cylinders
Powder Coated Black Paint
Comes with Hydraulic Hoses and 1/2″ Flat Face Couplers

Pallet Fork Specifications: 
48″ Long Forks – Class II
1.25″ Thick x 4″ Wide
Heat treated design with a 4,000 pound capacity
Side Steps on both sides of back plate for easy access into the cab
Very well built

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